New Year

Many business owners use the Christmas break to make brave new plans for their life and their business only to realise by the end of January that they have failed to live up to their plans.

Achievable changes

Business owners often fail to implement their plans because they set too big a challenge in a short period of time and become disillusioned when they don’t meet their targets.

So it’s much better to plan for incremental change which allows you business to adapt more easily.  What small thing can you change to make you business better – set that for the first month and then have another small resolution for the following month and so on.

Measure everything

As you make changes to your business measure the impact as this will encourage you to keep going. If you decide to improve your marketing by being more active say on social media, measure the impact that this has on your sales figures or the number of new customers you take on board.

We would recommend that you use a One Page Plan to measure the impact of your changes; this is a simple A4 piece of paper that tracks all of the important numbers in your business.

Your plan

The best way to put this plan into action is to sit down with a piece of paper and note down where you would like your business to be at the end of 2018; then put together a monthly plan setting out all of the small changes that you are going to make in order to achieve your goals.

Good luck.

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