Should I give to charity personally or from my company?

Firstly, the most important strategy is that, as business people, we all give to charity in order to make the world a better place. Governments are facing so much financial pressure that aid in probably not top of their agendas however if we all do our bit we can together make a difference.

Giving personally

If you give to a registered charity personally then the charity will be able to claim back 20% tax from the government and in this way the amount the charity benefits by is increased. You must make sure that you actually do pay tax in the year in which you make the donation otherwise you become liable for the tax claimed back by the charity and you must sign a Gift Aid declaration.

Giving from my company

If you give to a registered charity from your company then you will be able to claim corporation tax relief (currently at 19% for small companies) on the donation. You must make sure that it is a simple donation and not a distribution of profits or a payment to secure a service of goods.


Some companies make giving to charity one of their core strategies and at James, Stanley & Co. Limited we give to charities of our choice through B1G1 – if you would like further information about this please do not hesitate to contact us.


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