VAT Registration

“When do I need to register for VAT?”

You currently have to register for VAT as soon as your turnover in a rolling twelve month period exceeds £85,000 – this period does not relate to your business year-end. Remember to include zero rated sales in your annual turnover calculation.

You must register straight away if you expect the value of everything you sell in the UK which isn’t VAT-exempt in the next 30 days alone to be over £85,000.

How do I register?

You can register online although many of our catering clients ask us to sort this out for them.

Can I recover VAT on purchases made before I was registered for VAT?

Yes, you can subject to the following time limits: –

  • 4 years for goods you still have
  • 6 months for services

The items that you claim for must relate to the business that you are registered for and you will need a copy of the invoice and the date the goods were purchased in support of your claim.

If you have any VAT issues please contact The Catering Accounting Company


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